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On August 7th, 1982 at 1:23 A.M., Chris was born on Fort Bragg in Fayetteville, NC. Well before he even knew the definition of “ART”, Chris exhibited an acute sense for self expression by drawing on any and everything his little hands could reach. Ever since he could hold a crayon or scented marker, he's been drawing and recording not only what he see's, but what his mind can imagine.

 Comic books were his first introduction to abstract thinking and fictional storytelling. “Marvel” and “D.C.” comics were his first mentors, enlightening him to the notion of bridging the gap between reality and the cosmos. It was in these colorful and explosive dramas that Chris began to understand that these drawings were far more than arbitrary, 2-dimensional scribblings, but rather gateways into alternate, uncharted worlds that transcend all laws of the human experience.

    Growing up in Hilton Head Is., SC, its rich beaches frequently provided Chris with both solace of the mind and, most importantly, a spark which fueled his affinity towards vibrant color; its fluidity, sustenance, and immeasurable rapture on the human spirit.

    Chris attended Pomfret School (Pomfret,CT) in the fall of 99'. It was there that he was first introduced to the world of paint. Mr. Brewster, his jovial and flamboyant art instructor, set flame to Chris' already cindering love for art almost instantaneously when he placed a brush in Chris' hand for the first time.  Chris’ artistic passion combusted into a beautiful obsession, one that would quite literally forge the entire scope of his future endeavors

   Chris' artistic passion was accompanied by his love for soccer and ice hockey, both of which he played in Geneva, New York at Hobart and William Smith Colleges. There he excelled athletically and academically, earning his B.A in Studio Art (concentrated in Painting, Drawing, and Graphic Design.) After graduating in '06, Chris gradually gained momentum in his artistic pursuits which include painting live, commercial and residential mural work, and freelance acrylic and oil paintings. 


   Since 2012, Chris has called Austin, TX home, and, over last several years, has become a staple in the local scene. He's gained much notoriety for his artistic contributions and collaborations, having been featured numerous times in "KXAN" , "FOX7", "The Austin-American Statesman", "The Chronicle", "Newsweek".


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